Latvian Treasure

We went to Latvia! Me and Takako. To buy stuff for the shop (which we managed). I also managed to buy some nice things for myself . . . 
This handsome hand knitted jumper that smells ever so slightly sheepy still - very nice. Just needs a healthy dose of dinner down the front of it to complete my signature comfy/cosy look.
Hand knitted socks in the best yellow.
A couple of things for my next year Easter display: so cute!
This cushion cover is my favourite thing: very Rothko no?
Handsome wooden spoons
One for sugar, and the long thin one has just ended up on my bedside table: pretty weird but I don't want to put it in the kitchen yet, someone might use it.
And finally this very nice brooch which is actually just a cheap plastic one but that looks dead nice I think.

Thank you Latvia - we'll be back.

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