Fenland Folk

I grew up in the flat lands in the East of England and holidayed there too. And I love it. I was very pleased to find the Friends Of Norfolk Dialect page, maybe a bit more than pleased, mostly I just wanted to put my face in it and inhale: it's just lovely.
I especially liked the dialect pages, for those of you without the time to peruse I've made a small list of animal names, I hope you like them

Bishy-barney-bee . . . ladybird
Erriwiggle . . . earwig
Hedge Betty . . . hedge sparrow
King Harry . . . Goldfinch
Pishamire . . . an ant
Pollywiggle . . . a tadpole
Hoss . . . horse

(Also, as I start to plan my new years celebrations I'm happy to have found that it's called "Old Years Night' in Norfolk dialect: much more cosy sounding, much better.)

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