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I haven't mentioned it yet but this past month Jack and I have started living aboard Octavia: a very small pea green boat. It's a real adventure, we've had to sort out and improvise all those things you take for granted when you move into a flat. We've been fetching our own water, wiring up lights and a solar panel, working out tactics for washing (from 2 buckets) and generally having a nice time.
I love canal boats, they're relics of our industrial past yet so many have been transformed into modest and ecologically sound dwellings. Ours is very modest, any visitors have to sit on the end of our bed.
All our patterned possessions are suddenly squished up in one small space, not exactly chic or minimal but I like it, the welsh blanket came from Jacks parents and the rug from mine. I'm looking forward to tweeking and perfecting it, I'll have to hone my collecting habits to perfection. As a member of the boating community I hope to be able to snoop plenty of other boats, I'll post pictures when I do.

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