Precious plunder

More market buying this week, plenty of plunder to run my fingers over. A lot of stuff from an old school, including the best bench/shoe rack ever. I think I will keep it in a shed until my hope of ever owning a house of my own has died.

My army issue plimsolls suit it very fine.

Ed demonstrated the joy a good kite can bring,

Whilst I gave this blanket a thorough testing in the garden.

Very handsome rusty hooks.

I also bought some things I certainly don't need, like these really nicely packaged lolly sticks, I just think they're brilliant so I bought 10. I'm going to write things on the paper band and give them as presents. It's always good to give a present that people can use or don't feel guilty about throwing away.

And this photo of Art Blakey caught up in the moment, it reminds me of my friend Matt who plays flamenco guitar and dribbles.

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