Here it is chumlies.  photo P8103582_zps11af9f35.jpgThis post isn't just to show you this damned nifty picture . . .
It's to tell you that I've made a dirty great . . . stinkin' . . . show-off . . . website. And you can look at it here:
And this blog will be moving over there from now - it's pretty nice, the comments format is all efficient and chatty and the layout is good. I hope you'll still like visiting.
It's proper scary telling you folks and I don't think it's finished yet but if I waited for it to be finished before I showed you it might never happen.
So there you go.
Tell me what you think.


  1. Ooh it's dead good, looks finished to me!

    By the way, is that squarespace you're using? I think that's what I want to move mine over to.

  2. Oh jeez Flora - way to ruin the magic!
    Yeah it's Squarespace and I would highly recommend it, though your site is very beautiful already.