Inadequate pictures of a private view

I was really pleased to go and see the private view of my work in the beautiful Edward Johnston exhibition at Ditchling. It happened in the evening so these photos are a bit dingy but I was really pleased to see my hangings beautifully displayed and back-lit so they glowed. What a buzz! They'll be up until September. The Johnston exhibition is also lovely and I really liked the Bob and Roberta Smith. Well worth a visit .


  1. These look scrumptious! You must be so chuffed!

  2. You are so welcome Jo. I do love your blog....and your stuff.....and just your general gorgeousness. I've just spent another fruitless 20 minutes trying to find the article on the Venus of Willendorf having been carved by a woman that I poached the image in my wallpaper file from (I just added your wedding flower picture to that file, so that it will appear on my screen from time to time), so that I can link it to you in your earlier post.

    1. Oh yes please - I want that article too, will you post a link if you find it? Happy to be on your wallpaper