Mile End mooring.

I've moved house. Jess came and helped me to chug the short distance to Mile End. 
Over the course of the adventure I trod in a dog poo . . .  WITH MY BARE FOOT *sound of crowds cheering* and a bird did a poo on Jesses arm *laughter and hilarity*. Gosh.
But it was worth it. 
My local is now the wonderful Palm Tree, the best pub I've come across so far. I've toddled across for 3 bitter shandys so far today. And my local pool is Mile End leisure centre where it's told you can sneak into the sauna and jacuzzi without paying: things are looking good.
 I'm also surrounded by a crazy amount of wild flowers. It really doesn't feel like I'm in London at all at times. What a joy.

The joy that was Five Sheds

The things we saw
A sprouting red cabbage.
Works by the lovely folk of Saturday Drawing.

The Ray Foundation. Featuring the Anchor Group, Edwina Ashton and Kit Poulson.

Rosalie's shed.

Works by Jane Waterhouse.

And one of many wheeled plant-pot stands made by me. I always make things and then chicken when it comes to displaying them, maybe I need a curator . . . or some balls.

And 'Dream House' by Vera.
The things we did
We made sock hobby horses.
And did air kissing.
And sat around in the shade. Woop!
We also had a surprise visit from Project 9. The perfect end to a perfect weekend.

crochet hooks

Today I bought these crochet hooks made of bone. I did a little research and turns out crochet's been around since the 19th century. Knitting, on the other hand, may have been around since 1000 A.D.
Also, a nice new blanket.

Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher

I've got a new book this week. It's called Printing the Block, it's a book of images - blockprinted fabric by Barron and Larcher - and poems by Jane Weir. Very inspiring stuff. Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher worked together producing patterned fabric in the 20's and 30's. They used natural dyes and printed by hand using wooden blocks.

I thought I might have a go at block printing and now I've discovered all these wonderful examples that were done yonks ago, it's intimidating really. I'm going to crack on and have a go anyway.

This is the best photo ever. What a good, well ordered set up and what wonderful work wear.

Best bits and bobs of the week.

 Firstly I bought a frilly lampshade, which I thought was a little out of character but these things happen.
Then I bought two more and had to have a little sit down until I felt more myself. I do like them though, they're a little Miss Haversham and a little Royle Family.

Some shoes for handsome girls. Like on this blog.
 I bought an old photo development frame and when I got home I noticed it had this map drawn on the glass, very sweet. Anyone recognise where it is?
 A golden pineapple to fix up, would sit well on a shelf by these flying birds.

A water bucket, which I'd use as a handbag - if it doesn't sell soon it'll be coming to live with me.
The softest, most beautiful child's cardigan.

A fancy tin box and another terrarium, not as big as the other but still a cracker. Those terrariums get me every time, beguiling little blighters.