Temple Grandin

Have you heard of Temple Grandin? She's an incredible person and an incredible industrial designer, Jack's been learning about her on a course that his school sent him on.
We watched this last night - and it's brilliant, really brilliant.

You can also see Temple Grandin's website here www.templegrandin.com, I would recommend having a peruse after you've watched the film

Emilie Louise Flöge

A new hero: Emilie Louise Flöge
ge. You probably know that golden dress painting by Klimt - I don't like it much, I think it's kind of ugly - a pretty basic art criticism for you there. BUT the lady in the gold dress is wearing a creation by Emilie Louise Flöge - see some of her other beautiful, ground-breaking dresses below. Jeeps! So nice

House inspiration

Some more inspiration courtesy of our mate Guy - read all these lovely house ideas at cool tools. Somebody get me a plot of land, I want to build! Also a little documentary for my evening later on I think: