Happy easter!

Happy Easter my Bunnies. And on this special day Mum will give you a tour of her most splendid egg collection: some inherited, some collected, some found.
 photo P3300999_zpsb3e0c129.jpg
All in a beautiful basket
 photo P3301010_zpsc3f6b43c.jpg
This ceramic one found when she was a teenager - it is to help hens to lay.
 photo P3301018_zps01dc9d0d.jpg
This red one has a tiny red tea set inside.
 photo P3301021_zps3fb7ec6d.jpg
Soldiers march out of this nice pink one.
 photo P3301027_zps513d5f2f.jpg
What's in this one?
 photo P3301033_zps6f66bc19.jpg
Easter Penguins - they're not so popular as Easter Bunnies because their Easter Eggs taste like fish (as Brian and Richard Know).
 photo P3301038_zps4aa557a8.jpg
What about this one?
 photo P3301044_zps78b78c1c.jpg
Ahh - chickens.
 photo P3301048_zpsf9bbb9ac.jpg
And this one is full of . . . 
 photo P3301059_zps3de6afc0.jpg
Pigs! This one's from my Great Gran with replacement legs by my Dad.
 photo P3301071_zpsf65561f4.jpg
And this egg is just full of itself
Have a lovely day - see you on the other side.

Exotic creatures

 photo P3260900_zps5d7fd171.jpg
I bought this nice looking box last year. Then I stowed it in our (redundant) fireplace and forgot about it. I should have cleaned it to put on the stall but somehow I couldn't bring myself to do it straight away because . . . 
 photo P3260902_zpsd80aea42.jpg
 . . . It had someone's face inside. Some serious Glamazon's face at that, maybe a theatrical star. Grease sticks galore, all in nice sticky packaging, all giving off a powerful musty odour.
 photo P3260905_zps626cf9a1.jpg
And below the grease sticks blending powder had got loose and was all over everything. A bit like a fragrant old person had dissolved in there.
 photo P3260906_zps73df71ec.jpg
Imagine thinking nothing of plopping on some real fur lashes, as if it was no biggy. I don't wear make-up; I'm really prone to rubbing my face and especially sticking my finger into the corner of my eye and wanging it around. But I really admire people who do wear it, and who can put it on properly: mad skill.
 photo P3260907_zpsf41ffcd7.jpg
And of course I like all this make-up especially because it's in a rugged tin box and it's heavy duty and totally manky. Toasted Beige - delicious.
Do you wear make-up?

Get your Toot in the door.

Ok you lumpscious bums - it was a slim week Toot wise this week. But I've scraped together some meagre offerings for you.
 photo P3200789_zps6939b5ce.jpg
A very fine Victorian dish.
 photo P3200791_zps483d69d6.jpg
An even finer Danish pot.
 photo P3200793_zps06f3b099.jpg
Some nice military water buckets or as I'd call them 'handbags'
 photo P3200798_zps6c9a0081.jpg
Wholesome woven fabric with a zingy edge.
 photo P3200804_zps6fab5a4c.jpg
A poor creature all covered in pins.
 photo P3200809_zps67ec285c.jpg
A box of pencils.
 photo P3200812_zpsb8cc6712.jpg
Nice pattern!
 photo P3200820_zps7031af6c.jpg
And a whole load of really nice sketches of dogs! It was a bit dark by the time I got to photo them, sorry for yellowness.
 photo P3200822_zps269b4021.jpg
Is anyone else hankering after a dog these days?
 photo P3200824_zpsc8c44616.jpg
A few of my friends are having babies at the moment, and that's really exciting.
 photo P3200826_zps5625e0eb.jpg
But Karen is getting a dog and I'm majorly, poo-in-my-pants, excited. Hoop hoop!
Ok, that's all. See you at Spitalfields tomorrow?

The legend of big toot.

I've been booting! And here are the things I got . . .
 photo P3130754_zpsf95cd00c.jpg
An enamel teapot and spotty tray - looking perfect alongside some original jo waterhouse ceramics.
 photo P3130674_zpsa270089d.jpg
A slightly barmy oil painting. Looks like it might be a nice still life of some iced fingers and a glass of wine. I shall call it 'the perfect night in'
 photo P3130693_zps13eaa50f.jpg
Another nice image, a block print this time. Something deeply heroic looking about this person . . . also just a hint of inbreeding around the eyes.
 photo P3130695_zps22698158.jpg
Handsome and simple brass hooks.
 photo P3130696_zps4b8808fe.jpg
Toy tools - for kids to wreak havoc with.
 photo P3130700_zps9764d24f.jpg
I picked this up and thought - 'gosh, that's so twee' . . . 'ah crap, I've bought it'
 photo P3130741_zps210985da.jpg
A little weaving sample.
 photo P3130738_zps0a3f00d7.jpg
A tin especially shaped for epaulettes.
 photo P3130671_zpsf3fc026c.jpg
Very dainty beads made from stone. Nice!
 photo P3130707_zpsca6b9518.jpg
Plates, previously belonging to David Hodges.
 photo P3130722_zpsb6653547.jpg
A nice melamine dish - that is currently cradling my brand new Sweetheart Hoya plant.
 photo P3130727_zps8292abe5.jpg
And three of these glorious educational posters!
 photo P3130728_zpsb7fb08be.jpg
So that's how you do it!
 photo P3130730_zps523edc39.jpg
Thank you Bovril! But which part is your favourite? . . . 
 photo P3130731_zpsf08c6329.jpg
Yes! That's my favourite bit too.
 photo P3130725_zps5ba47a0c.jpg
A length of Liberty fabric in Bauhaus print. Colours!
 photo P3130743_zpsdb5e3b92.jpg
And lastly a swarthy, sexy, industrial lighty-job.
That's your lot. Off to market tomorrow - see you there?

Moving along.

Yesterday I found this little cartoon in my sketch book: photo P3120618_zpsea07977d.jpg  photo P3120621_zps2cf66ed9.jpg  photo P3120624_zpsa34d63ce.jpgI think it's probably a true feeling for a lot of people who've chosen the creative full-time:
I don't know what the hell I do! But I do it all the f@*#ing time! Alright?! And one day something good will happen! Maybe! Get off my back!
At the moment I've been working really hard - even falling asleep in the studio - and I feel like things could be moving in harmony soon, it's inching closer.
Then maybe I will have an answer to the dreaded question, so what do you do?

So . . . what do you folks do?

Botanical gardens

Enjoying poking around Cambridge Botanical Gardens with some friends. We will be working there together soon. My camera got all steamed up in the greenhouses and made some nice pictures: makes me think of when someone walks into a warm room and their glasses steam up. I like it when that happens, it's like a little bit of cartoon sneaking into everyday life. photo P2250396_zpsaa32cd4f.jpg photo P2250398_zps487bcd26.jpg photo P2250389_zpscad54d34.jpg