Johnny Flynn

I love this song by Johnny Flynn so much. And I loved The Detectorists (which it was the theme tune for). Jack sometimes put this on in the morning for me, makes me feel all wistful and wholesome.

A night away

Jack and I went away for a night. It was nice!
We went to the most idyllic nursery in the world: check out their summer house - makes me feel all wistful.
I clocked a new Euphorbia - not seen that sort before. And Jack treated me to some herbs for the window sill . . . in fact Jack treated me to everything, because all my money is tied up in the shop at the moment. I'm the real deal now. I've only ever been arts graduate style broke before: the kind of broke where you go out to complain about how expensive everything is - then order the scallops. Right now though, everything is on lock down: I'm scrimping big time. Thank heavens for that man of mine - what a gent.
He even treated us to some new cushions (junk shop find of course). The pattern reminds me of Josef Frank (a little).

Herby summer

I'm trying to grow and use more herbs these days - and I've got to tell you about Sorrel because I think it might be the best one. It's really lemony and fresh: it tastes a lot like the colour green might. I have two sorts on my sill and I've been bungin' it in with salads and chopping it up with yoghurt to have with potatoes and last night we had loads of it in a fish pie. It's really good. Next I think I would like to use it to make a pudding.
Broad leaf sorrel and French sorrel.

 Next on the list is chervil - any recommendations?