Box Hill. Home of the best sheds.

A couple of times recently we have been to visit friends in their hut on Box Hill. It's the best damned place ever: set in a valley full of little shacks all smothered in green. My phone doesn't work when I'm there so alls to do is wander around a bit and read the paper. Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillSurrey6_zps608058eb.jpgMy favourite huts are the really anarchic ones all covered in fine Toot: like this one with a Mel Gibson painting on the outside.Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillSurrey5_zps46c5fca4.jpgAnd this one with many lampsBox Hill Surrey photo BoxHillSurrey4_zpsa2279fc8.jpgSome of the huts have a real earth ship feel about them.Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillSurrey3_zps5b6d6105.jpgBox Hill Surrey photo BoxHillHutssurrey_zpsf6f98f4b.jpgIf you can see them behind all the foliage.Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillSurrey2_zpsf490835a.jpg Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillSurrey1_zps154ad8f5.jpg Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillSurrey_zps3e2c822d.jpg Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillHuts_zps88b84d99.jpgOne day maybe we'll have a holiday shack to go to at the weekends . . . Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillHuts_zps63533589.jpg . . and a tardis.
Then we really would be Living The Dream

In my drawing book.

Here is a little peak inside my book. It's a drawing for an idea I had.
The idea is, basically, that any time anyone pays you a compliment (no matter how small the compliment) you just close your eyes . . . tilt your head to one side . . . and go in for a kiss. photo kiss2_zpsa5fac3d5.jpegWhat do you think? It's all that's in my head any time anyone says a nice thing to me these days.

Little bits of Toot

Yesterday I did my first whole-hearted market stall in what seems like ages: it was nice. And my bank balance feels better. recently I've been working a lot on a project with a group of friends which I will get to show you soon, I hope you'll like it. Also printing is rolling along nicely. So many things - but I think I always need a lot of things to do otherwise I get all limp and listless.
Lucky for you guys I also took a lot of photos of Toot before I trundled it out the door. Here you go.
 photo P6192209_zpsab983d7a.jpg
Springs made by Herbert Terry of anglepoise fame.
 photo P6192215_zpsda57e125.jpg
Naked lampshades.
 photo P6192223_zps89a71f6f.jpg
London City Council chalks.
 photo P6192220_zpsefb4a85e.jpg
 photo P6192307_zpsb5c08fbb.jpg
Science equipment for scientists . . . or maybe just a nice vase.
 photo P6192227_zps8b749e9d.jpg
A hand knotted string bag: an achievement to aim for
 photo P6192232_zpsf4babd8f.jpg
A bevy of hand mirrors. And one hand.
 photo P6192265_zps2e948743.jpg
A Horlicks mixer - also useful for other things mind: could also be used to mix Ovaltine.
 photo P6192267_zps155b5c49.jpg
Fetching paint palettes: already sold to one of my most charmingly eccentric customers.
 photo P6192274_zps7f1a5cff.jpg
Beautiful weaving.
 photo P6192277_zpsea362ae9.jpg
A most dashing pot stand: reminding me of an electricity pylon.
 photo P6192295_zps6de2e81c.jpg
A Maclamp - which I thought I maybe should keep, to cement my status as 'blogger' . . . but then I sold it.
 photo P6192241_zpse1f287d8.jpg
A comptometer badge. Comptometers were early calculators.
 photo P6192243_zps2e5f9af7.jpg
A bird plate
 photo P6192264_zps3f3c19e6.jpg
A bird
 photo P6192247_zps62542b6d.jpg
A most handsome pair of ladies shoes.
 photo P6192251_zpsb0bbcdf3.jpg
Beautiful book cloths.
 photo P6192253_zps5e861afe.jpg
And another book with a very fine cover.
The End.
Now go and do something. x


I was dead pleased recently to open up this very dry looking manual and find inside . . . vintage fixtures and fittings photo P6172187_zpse45a7e9a.jpgA whole glut of glorious coat hook porn. vintage fixtures and fittings photo P6172192_zps26cd8f66.jpg vintage fixtures and fittings photo P6172194_zps4fb39e0d.jpg  photo P6172195_zpsc3fc7ec8.jpgI do like a handsome coat hook, anyone else?

Happy Dad Day.

Lots of love today for anyone who is a Dad, has a Dad, or once had a Dad. 
But most of all lots of love to my Dad.
 photo Dadsday_zpsd0bb5597.png

Poste restante

I am contributing this large table cloth that I made to the Poste Restante project at Nomadic Village 2013. The brief was to make a piece based around nomads and the nomadic lifestyle.
jo waterhouse tablecloth photo P6022175_zps6e5205a3.jpg
standing on the sofa
The print is of a pair of cotton trousers, that I got at a car boot (naturally). They reminded me of clothes I bought when I travelled to live in Africa: they are cotton (cool for hot countries) but look awful on me. Before I went I bought clothes like that because I felt I wouldn't care what I looked like when I got there. I was ready to go to this hot place where everything was different. And when I got there a lot of things were quite the same . . . including me feeling like a proper nob in all my big cotton clothes. So I guess I chose the trousers because I'm not a nomad: I'm a rubbish traveller, I easily feel out of my depth and constantly misjudge things - especially when I travel alone.
 photo P6022178_zpsad669a5a.jpg
Doing something that isn't just holding it up.
So I chose to make a table cloth because I imagined the routine of dining as a bit of a balm to my fears of travelling. I imagined spreading the table cloth as a routine you could take from place to place, for making things familiar and easy. You could spread it on the ground, on a bench or a tree stump and host people for food.
 photo photo1_zps2a4ba58e.jpg
The trousers with the splendid gusset.
I'm pleased with the print because it is liney and wonky and blotchy but the overall pattern is bold.
 photo P6022182_zps5eb2e8d9.jpg
A portrait of Jack taken through the cloth.
And now I will send it off in the post and it will never come back. Sigh. If you fancy going to Nomadic Village maybe you could spill some wine on it from me. 


Would you look at that! Bettina has used my fishes in one of her photo shoots. Pretty damn snazzy - go have a look at the rest on her blog, if you want. photo mona-mock_table_finalev-yes2_zpsbfd0ce72.jpg