Milton Avery

If you're ever looking for a bit of colour inspiration you should probably peruse the work of Milton Avery - isn't it so gorgeous?

Fruit wrappers

Someones collection of fruit wrappers, found in the bottom of a box at Hitchin Market. Beautiful no? I'm getting back in to the toot! I roll the boy down there in his buggy and feed him breadsticks to buy myself rummaging time.

Vintage clothes and textiles from Augusta auction

Just a little post to let you know that, if you're at a loose end have a peruse of the Augusta Auctions site: it's wonderful. And here are the outfits I'll be having thanks, and a suit for Jack.

drinks labels

I've just been asked to design another drink label so I was very happy to find these old labels whilst I was looking through my studio archive boxes. They are called studio archive boxes because Jack won't let me keep crap in the house, quite a lot of stuff ends up in my studio. Anyhow - aren't they lovely? I spent a bit of time poring over them to find the best ones for you . . . 

 I like these less colourful, more geometric ones best -

Shaker furniture

Enjoying the Shaker look a lot - I'd like this bench please/
And this rocking chair. And the background cloth too, obviously.

Shaker pegs

I made some shaker pegs for our hallway, I really love them and they're super cheap to make. 
I used these pegs and a length of timber from the timber merchant. I drilled holes that the pegs would fit really snuggly in to then hammered them all in with just a bit of wood glue to make sure they didn't work loose. We've now got 30 pegs over 2.5 metres in our hallway which is really convenient and it all cost less than £20.
*nice pat on the back*

I got that jacket from a charity shop and came home to Jack all like "Do you like my faux shearling jacket?" to which he replied " . . . it's a fleece". Dammit! Why he always got to pop my bubbles.