Hardworking blankets

Being a furniture dealer involves a lot of lugging and praying things don't break in the back of your juddery old van. Luckily I've managed to amass a whole load of trusty blankets real quick. photo P4291609_zps3b1b5971.jpg If I was a real dealer I'd have a load of shaggy grey blanketish-things that I'd call 'wraps'.
'I've got some wraps in the back'.
Lucky for you guys I'm a poncy pattern fairy who wants only the the most handsome wraps. And here they are displayed for you.  photo P4291612_zps04bbf4ff.jpg  photo P4291615_zps4602d7a1.jpg  photo P4291620_zps1453da36.jpg  photo P4291621_zpsa2cfad8c.jpg  photo P4291626_zpsd67d04d0.jpg  photo P4291629_zpsc5254d48.jpg  photo P4291630_zpse6182dcb.jpg  photo P4291634_zps9a8c722b.jpgThese photos were taken in the back garden of the shop - which I'm in the process of clearing out to make nice. Exciting! I will show you pictures when it's looking lovely - this will mean a lot of hard work as well as evicting the resident fox.

Adventures in Toot Town.

Ok you lovely lumps - here is some Toot.
 photo P4221500_zps8125984b.jpg
A nice souvenir bag that looks and feels a bit like a rag rug.
 photo P4221503_zps7eb0b138.jpg
A handsome dustpan and brush - so you can be dead authentic even when you're on your knees scrabbling at dust bunnies.
 photo P4221512_zps88ff8697.jpg
A swirly cutlery tray - I really like it. When Mum spotted it in my box of stuff she was like BLEURGH!
 photo P4221532_zps32c74acc.jpg
Handsome bookends. On a similar swirly, whirly theme.
 photo P4221535_zps5114249e.jpg
Modern, sleek bookends that can be used together or . . . 
 photo P4221529_zps304c90be.jpg
. . . individually. You can roll out the curl of metal and grip the books with it - dead smart.
 photo P4221538_zps656a110f.jpg
A nice lino print.
 photo P4221541_zpsfe4769ce.jpg
A mangy horse made of real mangy horse hide.
 photo P4221548_zps15714c4f.jpg
A stonkin' bakelite bracelet.
 photo P4221550_zps975efa31.jpg
Saucers in nice patterns - would look good under a lush and healthy pot plant (I haven't got many of those at the moment).
 photo P4221552_zps1c1aa178.jpg
An espresso machine. 
 photo P4221555_zpse219f0f3.jpg
Some Victorian playing cards - such nice designs.
 photo P4221557_zpsedab8e65.jpg
Some WW1 lead toys - poor spindly folk heading off to war.
 photo P4221560_zpscd1975d0.jpg
A large wall-mounted mouth.
 photo P4221570_zps1bd9cf64.jpg
A mug with ears.
 photo P4221572_zps55065496.jpg
And some scientific posters that are made of whiteboard material, I thought they'd be pretty fun to have in the kitchen to write your shopping lists on.
Phewf! There you have it. I'm off to work in the shop and today and I'm expecting a visit from a chum who is due to have a baby any minute now (maybe we'll have the most tasteful birth session ever, straddling an Ernest Race) and a person named Lion.
So that's nice.

A triptych of lighting in the shop

I am enjoying the shop, it is nice that if I buy a lampshade it gets to go on an actual light in an actual room or lamps get plugged in - dead snazzy! Here's some lighting I've gathered so far . . . 
 photo P4171421_zps97673fbc.jpg
The Glow Baby. This one is actually a bed warmer! Can you believe it? The warmth from the bulb heats your sheets for you. And if you hop in with it the light from the bulb will also illuminate your nether regions. Handy.
 photo P4171435_zps83d97923.jpg
A nice fifties shade all cut on a slant and with stripes. Nice.
 photo P4171441_zps13df3954.jpg
And a woven daffodil light. I love yellow so much.

Big news!

Some big news . . . I'm now the proud co-runner of a handsome shop! There are three of us in it: Lorna (a new friend who I'm sure you'll get to know), Dale (who you know already) et moi.
It's called Committee of Taste and it's in Stoke Newington, North London: come Like our Facebook page and keep an eye for things what will happen!
It's a mid-century furniture shop at it's core but all nice designs are welcome as well as rustic pieces and industrial salvage. Yum! It's got a real nice clean look to it at the mo which I'm trying to fit in with, I'll have to save my frilly-silly side for Spitalfields. It's nice to be buying furniture again after doing smalls on the stall for so long. And I've been given the go-ahead on bringing in some house plants so now I can rescue all the sad specimens from car house clearances. Hooray!
 photo P4121395_zps2783790a.jpg
Just me in my new shop. No biggy.
 photo P4121382_zpsb686cd6f.jpg
Nice big windows.
 photo P4121364_zpsbfb2a357.jpg
I love a convex mirror.
So there you go! I'll be manning the shop a couple of days a week - you should pop in and say hello . . . yes, even you: living in another country is no excuse.
Let's see how this little project goes along.

Best buys.

A little bit of Toot this week.
 photo P4101349_zpsa4c54457.jpg
These jelly bowls - I just liked the colours.
 photo P4101348_zps82a8e786.jpg
A handy bottle holder for carrying booze to the park; seeing as no one gets milk delivered anymore.
 photo P4101343_zps7a7431ef.jpg
A nice little drawer and basket and some dotty fabric that I love.
 photo P4101335_zps6e33d486.jpg
The dots are an amazing brown red that's a bit delicious.
 photo P4101319_zps26b9c14d.jpg
I'm really smitten with this rug - it's a beautiful fine weave with lovely long tassels, I would like to eat it. But instead I'm just going to put it on the stall for big bucks.
 photo P4101313_zps01ae7cb7.jpg
This pot is also wonderful, though it looks like an urn. It's not going on the stall until I can find who made it. 
 photo P4101312_zps11b55a4a.jpg
A few of these lovely speckledy shopping bags.
 photo P4101303_zps11e7ba46.jpg
And one box of these glasses . . . I could have had two boxes, I picked up two, but an old person grabbed the other and kept saying in a loud voice "NO! YOU JUST TAKE ONE", as if I was being greedy wanting to buy both. I was baffled and wouldn't let go but couldn't get it back because my hands were full and they just kept shouting louder it was really embarrassing. So in the end I let go and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" in a loud sarcastic voice. That was a weird thing to say eh? Not the witty retort I would've liked. Car boots are funny places. It was at the same car boot that I left some stuff under a van because I couldn't carry it and when I got back to it someone had robbed the plastic bags . . . not the stuff, just the plastic bags it was in. Funny.
Oh well, there you go. Hope you've all been well this week . . . I've been ill and my Jack has been away, double bad. But now he is back and tonight we're having carbs for supper so everything is ok.

Takashi Shuji

There's a wonderful exhibition at The Wellcome Collection at the moment of Japanese artists. I loved these pictures by Takashi Shuji: they're somehow similar to Bill Traylor do you think? photo 001_26_zps58995e55.jpg  photo 003_21_zpscaeb642a.jpg  photo 002_22_zps86b943db.jpg  photo 5f8af52e-6c47-4845-9814-1404565c21bb_1_0_zps75e2e3e4.jpg  photo oeuvre_shuji_1_zps12500253.jpg  photo 0022_zpsc8428f56.jpg  photo 5_zpse9bef0c0.jpgDribble

Handmade rubber stamps.

I've changed folks . . . I'm all different now, I hope you still like me.
Once upon a time I would've boshed an Etsy parcel together with a mile of sellotape then spent a half hour scratching my back up against a tree. These days I'm finding myself getting all joyous over sending out uniformly neat and tidy parcels. It's, frankly, a little disconcerting but I'd like to share with you my most recent packaging triumph because I'm dead pleased with it.
 photo P3250883_zps7ed1cf6b.jpg
I came up with this simple little design and carved it from special pink stamp making rubber which only costs about a million pounds a square centimetre (that's an exaggeration but it is a little bit pricey)
 photo P4011269_zpsbab06c6e.jpg
Then I mounted the carvings onto nice bits of wood, but not before I stamped the back to make them look all professional.

 photo P3250885_zpsced2cb1b.jpg
And there you go! Special 'Hand-made' parcel paper.
 photo P4011277_zpsb8be627a.jpg
Makes all my post looked damned fine.
Another reason to buy something in the shop! I've got a few new products for that little outlet coming soon too - more to wrap, very pleasing.