A visit to The Three Legs

I was lucky enough this week to pay a visit to The Three Legs Brewery, who I did some design work for last year. And whilst I was there I got to see some of my beer labels going off in the hands of customers. Very satisfying. I also got to do some important brewing work: which involved adding some hops to a vat then stirring it . . . oh yeah! I'm going to add master brewer to my CV.
It's a brilliant small business (and growing) if you're ever near Rye you should certainly pop in - especially as this year they're going to be gaining a handsome great mural by me. Can't wait.

A gift box with my labels

Jars for niffling

Dog face

My Wheat pattern - would make a pretty good wallpaper no?

Prints looking nice above the bar

This is the old brewery that they worked from before upgrading.

Jolly brewer

Master brewer

Local drunks

Smart shelves of goodies

And finally . . . check out the size of that spoon!


  1. charmed by local drunks, your kitten, what a monster :) — and your artwork at the u-brew. We just bottled a nice Czech Marzenbier, beer-making is the best!

    1. Oh nice one - I won't pretend I know what a Czech marzenbier is but it sounds impressive