Maggie's here

There's a kitten in the house - a new friend. And we're totally besotted naturally. We're pretty sure she's the most intelligent, kind, empathetic kitten ever to exist on this planet. Jack springs out of bed without hitting his snooze so he can spend an early morning half hour wiggling her favourite bit of orange string for her. It's pretty damn nice. Only area I think she might not be a prodigy in is personal hygiene: those little white gloves are pretty filthy and she likes getting into small dusty spaces (like inside Jack's favourite chair) and has a penchant for scratching herself against oily bike chains. What a monster.


  1. Oh Yes, more pictures of her please! You lucky things! Kittens make the world a better place...

    1. Don't you worry - there will be photos aplenty. Can't wait to see her grow either, she's got a bit of Maine Coon in her.
      Love to you and your mog