An Uplifting quote

I was recently sent an email from a very fine Bristol chum: one of those 'forward this email to 20 people' emails (is it called a chain letter?), not had one in a while. This one was a nice one, asking for Uplifting quotes or statements. So I joined in: sending off my statement and receiving a nice crop back.
I thought I'd share my quote with you here too.
My top motto for any creative person is: BETTER OUT THAN IN
It's one from my granny that I heard via my uncle, and I like it a lot. I use it to spur myself on when I'm not sure about the thing I'm making or drawing. To make me keep on creating in spite of doubt.
I use it to comfort myself when I think I might have over shared. (I'm quite good at expressing opinions and then realising I might not agree with them myself as they sail out of my mouth, oh well - better out than in)
And I also use it when I've done a particularly violent trump. Super handy!


  1. My grandparents also used this phrase... albeit in a slightly less savoury context, when referring to recently passed wind! It was, to be fair, mostly my grandad... my granny would never have passed wind ;-) I think I shall try to use it more creatively in future!! Your 'chain letter' sounds delightful.. A friend visited me to drop off a photocopy of an inspiring passage from a book about the 'human condition' published in the 1930's today... proper paper and everything, there must be something in this grey January air that is inspiring us all to share uplifting thoughts...