Druidstone Haven

Jack treated me to a surprise holiday for my/our birthdays and for the last big trip out sans-babe. And it was perfect. On the way we met Jack's pa at Otmoor (a nature reserve just outside Oxford) to see a murmuration, I still had no idea where I was going for the holidays but had twigged it might be somewhere west.
When Jack told me in the car that we were going to stay in the Druidstone Hotel I had a little cry because I really love the place but never really thought of staying there - because of the moulah. So it was a real treat: we had 3 nights in a room with this out of the window . . . 
We sat a lot (I'm reading the Tove Jansson biography and it's very nice) and waddled a little. And in the evenings ate amazing food - usually followed by banoffee pie in front of a film.
I didn't get a good photo of the hotel, but it's really lovely - I mostly snapped away at the outbuilding: which were right up my street.

I love Wales.

Storm Imogen left this buoy right up on the beach - so we clambered to it for a little fondle. It had Canada written on it.
Beautiful Welsh sunshine.
Grass reminding me of a Ravilious painting.
A sunset from the hotel's own viewing point.
It was so good to be outside so much - let the wind breathe itself in to all the corners of the lungs and be in the landscape. I'm getting to look a lot more like a landscape myself now too


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    1. Thanks - lying down suits me these days I think

  2. Thought you'd dyed your hair tomato there for a moment, stripes a good look on baby bump.

    1. N'optical illusion aint it. Being winter pregnant you've got to get the bump out when you can

  3. That is a very Baba Yaga tree house! And you are looking very majestic!

    1. Yes! It is very isn't it? Like it has antlers too. Hope you're well my love.