My Venus

I've always liked the Venus of Willendorf, well since I knew about her anyway. I like how old she is and all the theories around who made her and why. I like that she's hand sized. I like that the subject is a large boobish/bummish/tummish/camel-toeish woman. And I thought I'd quite like one for my self one day - just to, you know, hold and stuff.
Well I thought the occasion of our first child might be an ideal time to finally take that want seriously. I looked around for replicas and found them all a little bit rubbish - and mostly they had weird plinths attached, which I felt really ruined her charm and made her look to much like a museum exhibit. In the end I struck on the idea of asking my uncle to carve me one, and he made this beauty! Isn't she lovely? Isn't he a nice man for doing that? I'm very happy.


  1. Found it! Well kind of. This isn't the article that I read but it gives the gist and this is the image that I was referring to...
    Hurrah! Sorry it took so long to turn it up.

    1. Beautiful! Thank you so much - I love it. There's a Jstor paper on Mcdermott, I might try and track it down, will sling you a copy if I do. That's made me very happy!

    2. Well that was quick!