For the love of Malvina

Do you know the song Little Boxes - you probably do because it is brilliant. I wanted to listen to it the other day (maybe due to our impending exodus from London, embracing the burbia like) and ended up to a lot of other songs by Malvina Reynolds and they're all brilliant. I love looking her face on the album cover and hearing her lyrics like:

I don't mind failing in this world,
Don't mind wearing the ragged britches
'Cause those who succeed are the sons of bitches,

'Quiet' is also a brilliant song - she has a soft cynicism that speaks right to the middle of me. Yes, Malvina is a new obsession.


  1. Ahh, the memories. Not that I'd heard of Malvina ,but my Mum loved Little Boxes sung by Nina and Frederick. I can see her in the sleeper train carriage singing it as we wound into Wellington NZ in 1970. I don't remember her as a fan of folk or blues so it adds a new facet to a person I thought I knew so well Quiet was recorded or released on her birthday an interesting co incident.And of course here in Aus the Seekers sang her lullabye. I presumed they had written it Thank you I love her music too

    1. I think a few of her songs got made more famous by other people - which makes me like her more.
      What a nice memory. I'm singing it to the babe already.

  2. Ines Schweiger2 March 2016 at 11:59

    thank you for pointing her out! Great stuff that is!

  3. this comment is going to chat about blogs and the wonderful song writer performer Malvina Reynolds! First when I need cheering up I read your blog. I so enjoy your art work it always makes me smile. Please keep up the great work. You have inspired me to make a move and write a blog myself ( its coming I hope before Christmas ) I can't promise it will be interesting or clever but you may get a few giggles. Now Malvina I had forgotten what a delight her songs are ! Many years ago 19 ....something when I was discovering how good the world could be; Pete Seeger, Woodie Guthrie, of course Malvina and others were important to me. I also sang their songs to my children....your blog gave a gift of a wonderful memory of earlier times... this brings me back to my blog which is called Keeping Places referring to memory and how we store memories either in a physical or abstract sense......thank you for your blog and yep I am smiling as I write this denimarie