A new nest

We had such a brilliant time living in London and made some really lovely friends and found brilliant places. It was quite like being in a washing machine: being tossed from place and all mixed up. Which has been grand and all very exciting, we ate all types of food, met all kinds of people and had a variety of things stolen - such is city life. But then a couple of years ago we realised that in the spinning we were getting pushed further and further out of town and the next push out we'd be somewhere very, very 'up and coming' - which is estate agent code for 'shit'. So we figured we'd move out properly!
And we found a perfect little house too - a 'quirky' little mid-century jobby with lots of light and greenery and two sheds. It was previously lived in by a lady who owned it for nearly 60 years and raised a family in it (some of whom we know and are very nice). So all in all: good vibes. Added bonus is that she kept a tight ship, maintaining the house beautifully and keeping it more clean that we'll ever manage. The garden is a delight too: we've loved seeing various beautiful things growing in the time we've been living here.
Here are just a couple of before pictures, I wanted to document the whole thing but the house still felt very much like someone else's so it felt a bit odd taking too many photos.

We've painted it white for now until we can decide on colours, it had a lot of floral wallpaper which I actually really liked but just wouldn't fit with our vibe. Also: check out the amazing sun fading above.

All the doors and cupboards and hooks and rails are lovely though and have been given so many coats of paint down the years they must be much bigger than when they were first installed.


  1. Oh how lovely!
    That is what happened to me too...and finally I moved to a small town, about one hors away from the capital. I have been renovating a hundred years old wooden house, it had no plummin, no water, no electricity...but I fell in love with the house and now it's lovely.
    Ang glad you're back blogging.

    1. We are also very close to our capital still - it is nice.
      Yes, I'm very happy to be back blogging, it is nice to just twiddle on slowly - social media stuff all gets a bit frenetic