The Natural History Museum at Tring

We visited the Natural History Museum at Tring the other day (now we're locals) and it was very, very good. The little person had a good stare and also a lot of standing, beating his tiny palms against the display cabinets. 
I feel like a right mammal at the mo: having grown a life inside me and now feeding it from my boobs - so seeing the little man gaze in to the eyes of a chimpanzee (albeit a stuffed one) felt both unnerving and profound.
I will go back one day with my pencil and paper to do some drawing but for now I just have some photos that I might make some animally collages from . . . or not, depending on whether I find the time.
My only other observation from the day was this: birds and fish look amazing stuffed, as if you might leap in to life at any minute . . .
 . . . animals not so much.

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