I've made a good few mobiles recently - here's one I made for the baby, as he would see it. I like using paper balls because they look the same from all sides: good for baby and good for adults who also live in the house.
The all black one is for downstairs above the boy's play area: it's strung across the top of the V shapes so it is very springy and bouncy and when you ping it it dances for a long time. I will make a video soon: I actually thought I'd already made a video but I'm using a new (old) camera and it turns out I hadn't at all, what a nob I am.
And this new one hanging in my studio is a gift for someone: it's interesting to try and channel other peoples colour choices, I hope I got it right. I like how it looked hung up with those old mounts and a picture my brother did ages ago (it's of a couple hugging and Jack gave him a fiver for it when he was doing a stall down Brick Lane).
I like mobiles a lot, these ones so far are quite mid-mod and sparse: I fancy making something a little more dense looking and interesting. We'll see. My maternity pay stops at the end of this month and I need to start bringing some moulah: jeeps what a drag.


  1. Wow, these are wonderful!
    (I'm enjoying your blog revival too!) xx

    1. Aw thanks love - the secret is the amazing wire that my mum nabbed from a workshop she led, I have to find where to get it.
      See you Saturday!