My top tips for mobile making.

The mobile making carries on at a pace . . . a pace dictated by the rearing of a child and the earning of money. Dammit. But I'm quite determined and we haven't got a telly so not doing too bad.
I thought I'd share what I've worked out so far.
First of all - materials.
I've been using these paper balls which I've found to be just about the right weight.
Most important material is SUPERGLUE - things need to be held tight together so the balance holds. Superglue everything.
Waxed cotton twine - I started off using fishing line but it's too rigid, twine is better - floppier, gives freer movement.
The wire I use is a bundle I stole from my Mum who cleared it out of an old school cupboard I'm afraid (so unhelpful) but I think it might be this stuff - that Pisces Art is a really good website too, I could easily squander all my earnings on it.
I've also been using GOLD - love a bit of GOLD, I obviously haven't been using real GOLD, just this fake gold leaf stuff. I just used pva and waited for it to be tacky before sticking the leaf to it and then I gave the balls a good coat of oil paint varnish to keep them handsome through a little wear and tear.
mmmmm, I love gold, so shiny and warm.
When it comes to constructing I always start at the lowest hanging knot - does that make sense? Start with the piece that has nothing else hanging from it, set the balance and tie it. I tie all my knots tightly to start then . . . 
I hang the mobile up and check the balance. Any bits that are a little off I just carefully weedle and adjust until they hang right then I go round and superglue up all the knots so they don't wiggle and are held with the balance right.
Only problem is that damn Calder - he's done everything mobile related and everything you make just ends up looking derivative: I might have to start making some mobiles that are a little more Sarah Lucas ish. I'll keep you posted

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  1. You tips for mobile making really impressive. I think creative mind is more important. Thanks for sharing