The trials and tribulations of a house plant.

Another dramatic story for you (since the last).
This Mother of Millions is my most handsome one - all big and luscious. It's a real over-reacher, a growe: just the other day it toppled clean out of it's pot because it got so top-heavy. Then yesterday it managed to snapped itself in half. It's top leaves were so big it's neck just couldn't support them any more.
And the moral of this story is . . . don't try to achieve too much, or your head might fall off. Good, let's all eat a biscuit and stare at something. photo P2069987_zps9e89a111.jpgBut on a serious note; this plant grew up in my parents' greenhouse which I think might be part of the problem. The best, happiest plants are the ones that come from cuttings; that you grow yourself. I think a lot of people get disillusioned because they buy plants that have been force-grown in greenhouses - then feel distraught when they die. In the future I will have a shop full of beautiful big plants where people can buy precious small cuttings to take home and nurture.


  1. great advice, I join you at eating biscuit and starring a nothing. x

  2. Love your dramatic stories (and the ever present morals to those stories). I have been nurturing seven avacado seeds for a month now and I take much personal satisfaction in their minuscule growths.

    P.S. I had to google "growing avacados with toothpicks" after I saw the picture on your blog.

  3. I dont see why your blog only has 120ish readers. Your stories are so funny sometimes!
    But I'm not on that list so maybe there's more?
    Anyhoo, I've been following you for a few months now and enjoyed almost every post! Really makes me want to go to England and check out those markets that seem to be gold mines! ;)

  4. I'm gla you're on board Allessandra - I think I will eat a caramel waffle biscuit.
    Thank you Angella - you're doing well to nurture them in that time, you must be very attentive. I did a guide to growing them once, should link it more often.

  5. Hello Lisa! We posted at nearly the same time! Thank you for your kind words - you should get on that follow list! And tell your friends. I'm going to try and put myself out there a bit more this coming year (for business sake) but it's also really nice just hiding in this corner of the internet with a little gaggle.

  6. Oh boy I would love to visit a shop like that! Every time I pass big happy plants that can afford it I snap off a bit and try to root it at home. Love this blog so much!

  7. Well, that's all the market research I need - I'll open it up and you can come snap some little bits off. Although I think it might be quite a long way to come.
    Nice rugs also. x

  8. this is great, my sister is growing that same plant, and i just got a leaf from her, and one of the little guys that grows on the leaf has roots so i plated it... it's been a month and it is slowly growing!
    just funny, it's that same exact plant as in your picture!