Hello you mucky worms. I've been to a proper boot fair again after what feels like such a long break. It made me very happy. Here's what I bought.
 photo P2060014_zpsed882eed.jpg
A copy of The Old Man and the Sea - the one with the beautiful illustrations.
 photo P2060016_zps5a1f3bf1.jpg
Some lovely buttons that look just like peas. num.
 photo P2060019_zpsbd4f7c44.jpg
Another one of those nice slings - to go with that other one that's in the shop. This one's slightly different.
 photo P2060023_zps157a9b4f.jpg
This one has an image of how to treat a normal thigh fracture and then another image of how to treat a (woman) thigh fracture . . . both ways are remarkably similar.
 photo P2060032_zps4a4b56d6.jpg
Nice Victorian plates with lily of the valley.
 photo P2060005_zpsa80f8190.jpg
Masonic letter plates. I think I've said it before but those masons know how to do dress-up.
 photo P2060036_zps3d2ff1e4.jpg
And a whole load of hand-knitted jumpers and cardis. This time from a knitter who didn't smoke, so that's nice. A selection of neutrals.
 photo P2060044_zpsea1e3aa0.jpg
And some jazzy ones. The central jumper ha a zip at the nape of the neck which I think is a nice design feature on a woollen. And also a woven scarf from the same person.
 photo P2060041_zpse270c67e.jpg
Nice pattern on the scarf.
 photo P2060007_zpse8c1259e.jpg
A clunky little pot, in an ancient style - but just tourist stuff. One day maybe I will have an interesting study that looks like Freud's at a glance - but on closer inspection will just be naff souvenirs.
 photo P2069989_zpsb33baa54.jpg
Tiles - made by some clever thing in their pottery class.
 photo P2060047_zpsc7896829.jpg
And a gaggle of dub-dubs, very sweet.
I also got a nice thing for a secret collection I'm working on - I'll show you when I have enough to be satisfying. That's all, now I will eat sausages with housemates and do some writing at my new desk. 
I hope you're well! Keep warm. Unless you're some jammy sod who lives in a hot country - then you should keep cool.


  1. some great stuff again! love some of the cardigans !

  2. Thank you! I just looked at the picture again - didn't realise they were hung a bit wonky: looks like they're talking to each other.

  3. Perhaps this is why Silas decided to be more efficient? He swiped the blood supply from the Mystic Falls hospital and that of half a dozen other towns. Huge questions are percolating for me at this moment. I thought the "Originals" were,led faucet you know, the original vampires. Suddenly everyone is using "immortal" and "vampire" interchangeably. Silas was the first "immortal" being on this earth. Why does he need to drink blood? The Original Witch was the Mikaelson clan's mother. Silas got turned into an immortal by Qetsiyah. Were the two spells somehow linked? Similar?