Toot for tomorrow

Off to market tomorrow with some nice little bits. It's all quite French farmhouse feeling this week.
 photo P2130075_zpsc3da87ed.jpg
A hanky case full of hankies.
 photo P2130080_zps7ca14d44.jpg
A glass necklace with birds and flowers and berries - so sweet.
 photo P2130078_zps79dc2f0f.jpg
And even sweeter in it's box with jenyoowine vintage cotton wool.
 photo P2130082_zps3a1f711c.jpg
A pair of these nice brass pots, good for making plants look all grand. The person I bought them from always gives me the old 'hello darling, it's all cheap for you my pretty' treatment and I try to steer clear. I was looking at these pots then felt like 'aw crap!' when I realised who's they were. Anyway, I persevered and it all went off surprisingly civil until it came to getting my change. Then it was all the funnies! 'Oh I'll give you your change next week, don't you trust me? Don't I look trustworthy? You can come get it from my house' Jeez, some people don't got a head for business.
 photo P2130088_zps81262f81.jpg
A basket bag - to buy this bag I asked the price then payed it and they put it in a bag for me. No funny business at all - it was wonderful.
 photo P2130093_zps1a15c611.jpg
A soap-dish; hand carved from soapstone. Fancy that, what an effort.
 photo P2130101_zpsf82e4dd9.jpg
Nice old coat hooks. Very nice old coat hooks. My favourite sort of old coat hooks.
 photo P2130111_zpsb97c65ff.jpg
A basket - very good for fish display
 photo P2130115_zps528e6fb6.jpg
An army rucksack which someone (maybe a teenager) has painted with a bit of gloss white. I really like how it looks, painted fabric is a good thing. Hanging on another set of nice old coat hooks.
 photo P2130118_zps4a3a9988.jpg
Little tiny coffee cups. Victorian.
 photo P2130122_zps34b063b2.jpg
Also - my lifetime supply of pencils - here are some of the prettier ones.
 photo P2130127_zpse7614845.jpg
And lastly some very small Indian sandals. How small? About 10cm long. Cute!
Well, there you have it, hope you're all doing good this week. It's One Billion Rising tomorrow as well as Spitalfields Antiques and I've put my bike in the van in case I want to sneak off and holler with the femidoms. Will you do something for it?
I will also have two Tunnocks tea cakes in my handbag: it's going to be a good one.


  1. Lovely coat hooks - "putting your best Toot forward" as usual (you know there's more post titles always!:Hopping on the good Toot)

  2. Oh that necklace is just lovely!

  3. Madeleine you're too good to me - I was running low and I'd lost the post that you left the last suggestions on. You mind reader! Next time we'll wow 'em with our magical wordplay.
    Nina I'm so glad you like the necklace - you'd have to have a special occasion to wear it too as it's all precious and fragile. If I kept it I'd probably just hang it on the wall.

  4. all are great!
    wish you a good sale!

  5. Love that pair of India sandals. xo
    ~ Herman Swan

  6. Digging the brightly coloured necklace out of all the old cotton wool was a treat indeed.