Box Hill. Home of the best sheds.

A couple of times recently we have been to visit friends in their hut on Box Hill. It's the best damned place ever: set in a valley full of little shacks all smothered in green. My phone doesn't work when I'm there so alls to do is wander around a bit and read the paper. Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillSurrey6_zps608058eb.jpgMy favourite huts are the really anarchic ones all covered in fine Toot: like this one with a Mel Gibson painting on the outside.Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillSurrey5_zps46c5fca4.jpgAnd this one with many lampsBox Hill Surrey photo BoxHillSurrey4_zpsa2279fc8.jpgSome of the huts have a real earth ship feel about them.Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillSurrey3_zps5b6d6105.jpgBox Hill Surrey photo BoxHillHutssurrey_zpsf6f98f4b.jpgIf you can see them behind all the foliage.Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillSurrey2_zpsf490835a.jpg Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillSurrey1_zps154ad8f5.jpg Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillSurrey_zps3e2c822d.jpg Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillHuts_zps88b84d99.jpgOne day maybe we'll have a holiday shack to go to at the weekends . . . Box Hill Surrey photo BoxHillHuts_zps63533589.jpg . . and a tardis.
Then we really would be Living The Dream


  1. That's Kevin Costner isn't it? Circa "Dances with Wolves". How do I know this? Not sure.

    1. Is this Box Hill in Surrey (you give no indication of what country you are in)?

      If so can you specify the location a bit more precisely please?

  2. What a wonderful place!
    I especially like the blue shack and the Tardis!

  3. Oh god it is Kevin Costner! What an awful error. Thank you Matariki.
    I like the tardis too Teresa and surprisingly it's not the first I've seen

  4. That is so up my alley I cant believe I haven't been yet, friends of mine have a hut there. I must go...

  5. such wonderful places encased by lush greenery!