Sheep and wool . . .

. . . and Billy Ringhorn.
 I went to Lambeth Country Fair again this year and it was so good! And, as before, Billy Ringhorn was my favourite. I love his show and I don't mind who knows it.
He comes to Lambeth on his way to Scotland where he ends his sheering year. He starts his sheering year in Australia in the spring, then to New Zealand, then works his way around the globe. Proper. And he get's paid £1 for every sheep he shears. One pound! Can you believe it? Someone had better invent a sheep sheering machine sharpish because that £1 gig won't last much longer.
 photo P7202856_zps7b9cdcf2.jpgHis presentation is old fashioned and nice - just a talk and a demo, but it's so pleasing to see a hoard of London folk captivated by someone sheering a sheep. Also the presentation is a bit rubbish in that he presumes you know lots of things, he'll say something really technical and sheep/woolly that you don't understand one bit and then say - 'so that explains that'. It all adds to the charm. photo P7202840_zpsca92a044.jpg  photo P7202837_zps76696808.jpg  photo P7202852_zpsbc29f4a9.jpg
See you next year Billy!


  1. Welcome back to active blogging.
    I usually go as its just up the road, I've seen sheep dogs rounding up ducks which was fun and a great falconry display where the bird immediately flew right off - forever it seemed - and the falconer had to keep talking. It was hilarious. I've been in the countryside too much recently so just did urban this week - dinner at the Shard stuff, yes.

  2. Thank you Madeleine - I really needed that kick in the A!
    Jeez I would have loved to have seen that falconry display - right up my alley.
    Glad you got all that nasty countryside stuff out your system.

  3. the fourth foto haha!
    it's like the other sheeps are laughing
    with the shaved one :)