Solva Mill - lining our non-existent nest.

Recently Jack and I went on a holiday with his family - to Wales. Pembrokeshire more specifically. And when we came back we had the most amazing souvenir in the boot. A Welsh Tapestry rug. Good. photo P7292975_zpsf8fb9c38.jpgJack will be a teacher next year and so will have a STEADY INCOME (shitabrick) and I think this is a major factor in what happened. What happened? Well . . . we went to Solva Mill and were looking at the rugs and were playing at choosing which one we liked best when Jack just got his wallet out and bought it. It wasn't even the smallest cheapest one. I loitered nearby, all casual like, pretending we always buy high quality stuff from new. It was dead good.  photo P7292974_zps3fa36f19.jpgSo now it's at my house and when we move in together it will take pride of place in our nest. Until then I'm refusing to put it on the floor in case it should get spoiled before time. photo P7112654_zpsdbb6ea5b.jpgSolva Mill is amazing: you're allowed into the weaving shed to look at all the machinery: a weaver was even kind enough to set one going for me. I love all the old machines, as you well know and had to seriously talk myself down from giving it all up to go and learn weaving. photo P7112634_zps90567462.jpg  photo P7112635_zps903b24c5.jpg
There's our rugs siblings - stashed in a suitably idyllic basket. Perfect. A very satisfying little trip, I'd thoroughly recommend it.

(p.s Solva Mill also has a very fine Facebook page with plenty of weaving and pictures of cats, Like it)


  1. One word. Jealous!

    I love welsh weaving. The pattern and colours you chose are the best! I know you'll enjoy that rug for years to come. :)

  2. Ha ha, love the casual loitering at the till. That's a very nice rug too.

  3. Congrats to Jack for his new job.
    Fine choice on the blanket, wonderful memento, it will look great in your future nest.
    I'd love to visit this place, perhaps next year.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Congratulations on such a grown up purchase! It's a beauty!
    I've never tried weaving but I too have dreams of running off to be a weaver!

  5. I'll pass on your congrats Alessandra - thanks so much! If you ever do fancy living the weavey dream Botterman just give me the nod - I'll be there.