After a good few years languishing on my parents drive and having suffered a considerable build up of shite my caravan is finally back in my life. It arrived on a rose tinted evening after a day of heavy rain and we ran it very nearly in to our newly planted cherry tree but not quite - the stick of potential lives to grow another day.
Maggie got in it straight away and none of us noticed she hadn't come out again until long after we'd locked it up and gone inside for a cuppa. She didn't seem to mind though.
Now I have to get round to clearing it out and making sense of the beast and then it's going to be a playing space for the babe and a sometimes emporium (grown-up playing space) for me.


  1. Lets hope Maggie is prepared to share her catavan with you....she's so pretty X

    1. Oh I do like a good cat pun! Yes, she is a bit beautiful - she gets more kisses than anyone else in our household