The Hippodrome

We went to the Hippodrome at Great Yarmouth - and it was really good. 
I need to go back because I forgot to take any pictures: I was a bit preoccupied with the baby. The baby is now 6 months old and apparently all grown up: he was totally fine through the whole show, through the flashing lights, through the very loud pop songs*, through the 4 motorbikes honking around making the place smell like a motorway tunnel and through the darkness, stuffiness and unique odour that only an Edwardian circus building can provide, so that's good - sturdy little bugger.
If you're ever in the area you really should go see one of their Spectaculars.
It's the only surviving purpose-built circus building in the county and it's really great to see such an architectural gem being used in the proper way. The main arena even turns in to a swimming pool for synchronised swimmers to perform and clowns fall out of boats etc.
The Christmas Spectacular is just the right mixture of spectacle, danger, kids from local dance schools, hammy acting and gammy 'sexiness'.

*Mikhail from Romania doing a sexy aerial routine in a very small leotard to Coldplay, bit of a highlight.

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