Scrappy Christmas

I hope you all had a splendid Christmas. 

We kept ours quite low key around the house and on the presents front. The boy is very happy playing with anything so it feels silly to buy him too much stuff. His especial favourite thing is to do a little tiny sick and then run his fingers through it over and over again on the carpet, which is the kind of fun Santa just can't provide. We got him a big cardboard box with ball-pool-balls in it and it was a total hit, I'd highly recommend it as a gift and it looks dead generous under a Christmas tree.

Jack and I didn't get each other gifts but I bought myself some tap shoes and a quiche tin: and now I spend my evening baking quiches while I practise my new hobby and it makes me very happy.

We didn't get a Christmas tree either: just pulled a branch out of the bin at the garden centre and scarpered. I decorated it with baubles left over from my junk peddling days (some still with prices on) decs from Will and Lu, and Jenny and paper fans from Leonore of Totnes Market fame.

The wrapping paper I got on a massive roll at a car boot and has done Christmasses and birthdays for nearly 5 years now. Bonza.

On my side of the family we like to partake of a little Christmas quiz/challenge each year and I made the trophy this year. I was very proud of this ingenious construction using only small change, sellotape and a toilet roll - it's dead good no? And it has actually monetary value which is good for increasing competitive spirit: it's worth about £3.75 by my reckoning. 

So all in all Christmas was a thrifty one. Does anyone know what age kids start to get excited about Christmas? I hope we can get away with it again next year.

p.s. - Jenny still has decs for sale and they're amazing, I really regret not getting a velvet nude.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas and New year! Our kiddo was two and half this year and it's the first year he's had any notion what it's about and the first year he's mentioned Santa - his requests were specific - a tractor with trailer and a dumper truck - but other than that he didn't seem to mind what he got. On Christmas morning the first thing he wanted to know was that if Santa hadn't eaten the mince pie we left out then could he have it instead!

    I reckon you'll definitely get away with another low key Christmas next year!

    1. He sounds like a total sweety - maybe I could get my Christmas together for that level of cuteness as reward.