Highlights of my local industrial estate. Part 1.

Well here we go: this is going to be a total return to form.
Oh yeah!
I've moved house now and am quite settled and very happy in my new place: I think the tousled spaces and industrious nature of a small town suit me, I don't miss London at all actually. The other day I was listening to the radio when a piece about cycling in London came on just hearing some of the stories gave me a knot of adrenaline that I didn't appreciate much. I realise now that I had a background hum of tension that it's nice to be rid of: it's dead good to be somewhere that people stop for you at pedestrian crossing and don't shout at you for riding a bike.
I walk a lot - mostly with a sleeping child in a pram, and one of my favourite things is to stroll the run-down industrial estate behind our house and fantasise about starting a print room there . . . I would have it in this building in case you're interested. I love the square front butted onto a standard warehouse back.

And someone else can have this building for a massive studio. Any takers? I'm sure they'd chuck the boat in if you asked nicely.

There are a lot of buildings that I think might be the same era as our house (update on that to follow) and I like the boxy features, if we ever extend our house I will come back here to get inspiration for the details.
And finally a gratuitous shot of some weeds, handsome weeds no?


  1. It's nice to see you back! Are you going to be posting some more about your new country life? :) Hope so!

  2. Yes please I'll take the big studio! x

  3. Hooray! It'll be an industrious artistic idyll, I can't wait

  4. Love your blog and I am so happy to see you back.:)