A busy one.

When I woke up today I seriously considered pulling a sicky but as a self-employed person I had to battle on and as it turns out I found some brilliant things. Like a Catherine Holm pan, which was in the bin at the junk shop, a bit of homemaker, croquet balls, lexicon, folding benches and a brilliant ship in a bottle . . . 
And a Jesus. And a Mary. The back of my car looked a proper mess when I was through.
Then I went to see a man called Martin who's been a friend of my Dad's since they were five years old. This is what he had for me -
I've been looking for a lot of terracotta pots for a while, I'd accumulated about 30.
Now I have around 4000.
They're such good ones too, probably Victorian as they don't have the thick lip around the top. I love the way they're packaged up in crates with straw.
They're all there because the place used to be a nursery. All that's left of the glass houses now is one lone chimney. I think it's such a wonderful remnant, quirky and good looking, maybe when I have a garden I'll build one to have like a folly.
It was a splendid afternoon, Martin's such a lovely chap. A real country gent. He's lived on that bit of land all his life. At one point there were seven employees working in the greenhouses and a family living in a caravan at the bottom of the garden. What an idyll.
Martin has an obsession with cowboys which I think is brilliant, he showed me his den where he keeps his collection of all sorts of cowboy stuff, it was chocca.

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