Plants and weather.

The wind has made boat life very odd, we had to attach tyres to the port-side to stop ourselves banging into the concrete edge. I've got used to the motion that comes with living on a boat but it is noticeable how much a strong gust can move you.
Our little garden is flourishing in spite of constantly drying out and being buffeted by high winds. I saw at least three people take a picture of it yesterday, which is funny. 
I thought I'd feel a bit on show living on a boat but in fact there's a lot of sport to be got from it - excellent people watching and even better snippets of conversation. The weirdest situation you get sometimes is people spot you and yadder on about "I've never been on a canal boat before" *hint* "I'd love to see inside one of them boats" *hint hint* "I can't imagine what those boats are like inside" *hint* to which I say "oh well" and pop below deck. 
Here are my two favourite house plants too. The bottom one is a pilea pepermioides, which is a chinese money plant, the best plant ever. Really hardy and characterful, I love the rickety trunks with the leggy stems and round leaves. very good.

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