New York

As promised here are some pictures from New York.
Saw the Statue of Liberty, I felt we had many things in common, like nobility . . . and poise.

As the cliche goes, everything is very big.
This is a section of poster that was being taking down in Times Square. Big eh?
And this is a pile of rubbish, what a wopper.
This is a lady asleep completely covered by a sheet in Central Park, just thought the image matches the previous two quite well.
Central Park is superb. I'd recommend hiring a boat on the lake, the view is incredible and there are terrapins in the water. We were also lucky enough to spot a raccoon, I wasn't expecting so much wildlife.

We spent a lot of time in museums which was such a pleasure. The Alexander McQueen at the Met was brilliant - I do enjoy a bit of fashion, contrary to appearances. The American Folk Art Museum was my favourite though, I absolutely adored it, I've got some good images I'm saving for another post.
Bumped into these friends at the American Indian museum. They're masks made of bark and I fell in love with them a bit. I've invited them over to hang out some time,
This chap from the Met is going to come too (I like his penis).
And Jack's going to bring the new chum he met at the top of the Rockefeller.

Other than that we ate a lot of oversized food. . .

(Also) While we were there we met up with a real life friend of Jacks who is in America learning about bike building. He's funded by the Winston Churchill foundation, which is a good thing that I didn't know about. You can look at his blog here, it's quite technical but interesting.

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