Best bits and bobs of the week.

 Firstly I bought a frilly lampshade, which I thought was a little out of character but these things happen.
Then I bought two more and had to have a little sit down until I felt more myself. I do like them though, they're a little Miss Haversham and a little Royle Family.

Some shoes for handsome girls. Like on this blog.
 I bought an old photo development frame and when I got home I noticed it had this map drawn on the glass, very sweet. Anyone recognise where it is?
 A golden pineapple to fix up, would sit well on a shelf by these flying birds.

A water bucket, which I'd use as a handbag - if it doesn't sell soon it'll be coming to live with me.
The softest, most beautiful child's cardigan.

A fancy tin box and another terrarium, not as big as the other but still a cracker. Those terrariums get me every time, beguiling little blighters.

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