Bill and Lu's house

Did Bill and Lu a surprise interior photo shoot a while back. This is how their house looks without preening and careful posing - really good.

Hats from the Pope protest last year, along with 40's party hats (hanging up) courtesy of your very own Toot (as in foot).

Lu works at printing, I'll cajole her into doing a website and link it asap.

Growing moss on the veranda; what a nice, sedate idea. Something to put your feet on when you're drinking your tea in the morning.

Will works at making mechanical sculpture, there's a small crank on this one that you can turn to make all the wings open at close.

Well, that was it. I'd like to do an interiors mag that doesn't involve carefully posed and styled situations - slippers standing parallel by the bed and all that crap. I'll see if I can sneak into some other houses soon.

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  1. ah ha, is that really OUR house, so stylish ; / !......not for much longer!!!!..... i guess watch your blogspace! x