Robin and Lucienne Day

Went to see the Robin and Lucienne Day exhibition at Chichester. 
I can appreciate Robin's cleverness but Lucienne is the girl for me. I love that you can really see her hand in her designs, the quality of her line is very studied and just a little naive.

Hello pinnies - very nice. Maybe at this point it would be showing off a little too much to point out that I have two original Lucienne tea towels - one of which is the same as the red foody one above. Smug.
The book shop is also fantastic at the Pallant House gallery. Unfortunately I couldn't afford The Unsophisticated Arts by Barbara Jones at £250. I also left behind Ardizzone's Johnny's Bad Day, a picture book that made me well up.

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  1. The Unsophisticated Arts reprinted by Little Toller, 2013 by Little Toller, inc. additional pieces from Barbara Jones' sketchbooks.