Nice times.

An excellent day at the market yesterday. I took along some houseplants for the first time which made everything look good, even my trolley as I was loading in.

Herve buried his nose in my hippy gilet and said it smelt like the 60's.

 I sold a lot to some people buying for designers which is always exciting. Prada was mentioned, woop! There are downsides to that game mind. I have had a man from Fred Perry just taking photos of my stuff, not even splashing out the £10 on shoes to copy, not helping me out one bit. I'm not saying that you shouldn't wear Fred Perry . . . oh hold on . . . yeah maybe that is what I'm saying.
Not for sale (yet at least)  - this splendid collection of plumbers dollies. They're boxwood tools for flaring the ends of copper pipes. Beautiful, sculptural, tactile and just small enough for me to have on the boat without cluttering the place up.

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  1. Jo, your blog is a charming and witty as you are (take that as you may).

    If you decide to sell them, I suggest you market the boxwood tools as 'wooden nipples' - I'm sure all the Spitalfield smut lovers will snap them up in a trice.

    That textile under the snakes and ladder box is just awful. You should chuck it out, or give it away to an acquaintance that you have a soft spot for - I'll dispose of it for you if you like...