I've always meant to go to stonehenge for the solstice - so I did. It was very odd, late at night there are quite a lot of nobheads (I think that's the correct term for them) gooning around and gurning. Not as spiritual as I would have liked. When the sun rose it was best, the druids got going and the morris dancers, I saw some hand-binding and smoke showers. There was more of a feeling of cameradarie.

This hobby horse kept biting policemen on the bottom. guffaw.

What's going on there then, a little round cut-out.

It's exciting seeing the stones close up, it's impossible not to give them a rub and a pat.
So there you have it. I plan on celebrating the solstices from here on in but think I'll find a quieter way to do it. I like staying up all night and being sober, it's interesting to see the the whole cycle of day to night and back again.
But I am exhausted now, especially because the night before last there was a coot outside my window going ARK!ARK!ARK!ARK!ARK!ARK!ARK! There were 2 moorhens bothering it and after many hours putting up with it I managed to despatch them with 30p - coins being the only projectiles I had to hand.

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