Crazed collecting.

Some of the outcasts from my studio pottery collection have been sitting on my desk ready to be priced and go on the stall. I've had a nice time stacking them up, it makes even the ugly ones look handsome.
PhotobucketFor a while I collected studio pottery like a nut - not because I liked how it looked, but because it had a little initial on it that meant someone had made it in a pottery studio somewhere and I thought that was romantic. Then I turned around one day and found I owned a shelf full of slightly ugly pots people had made. D'oh!PhotobucketSo I thought I'd better photo them real nice before they go out into the world.PhotobucketPhotobucketThe other day at the market a woman approached me and said 'I'm with the BBC: we're doing a new series on people who are manic hoarders, collectors . . . would you be interested in being featured?' (!) It was so hilariously presumptuous I was quite taken aback. Can you imagine? It's a bit like asking someone to be part of an over-eaters show just because they work in a bakery.
I don't over-keep things - one of the joys of owning toot is the sorting and editing and renewing. I know what's of value to me, and sometimes things stop being precious to me, or I just don't like them any more: then I move them on. It makes me sad when people muddle up hoarding and collecting toot - because one's a mental illness and one's a glorious creative past-time.
Thank you.
*Steps down from soapbox*