Toot - glitz and glamour

When I go car booting I never really have much in my head, I just dive in and when I come home I lay the things out and think 'gosh, so this is what I like'. And sometimes I think 'Aw, crap'. This weeks toot is quite glamourous and detailed and fiddly and floral, so that's fun.
An embroidered smock dressPhotobucketA woven plant holder/hanger.PhotobucketAnother terrarium for the collection.PhotobucketPhotobucketLots of cloth and paper flowers too. ↑ A box of these blue ones will live mounted on my wall I think, until I decide to sell them.PhotobucketPhotobucketI fell in love with this tiny wardrobe, what a sausage eh? I think it was them tiny hangers what did it. ↓ Melt.PhotobucketOne of those things ↓PhotobucketA spangly embroidery, done by hand with a wacky sense of perspective. I keep hearing people say that 'the nautical look' is very hot in interiors right now. But actually the 'Carmen Miranda in the old folks home' look is way better.PhotobucketA splodgy, brooding landscape.PhotobucketA jumble of tripods, just waiting for some clever sausage to turn them into lamps.PhotobucketOne of my favourite Danish cooking pots, in red this time - pretty perfect.PhotobucketAnd some extremely old, extremely flaky embroideries. I reckon they're late 1800s what do you think? I love the mix of embroidery and paper and painting. Here's Jesus ↓PhotobucketAnd here's Moses being floated down the river ↓Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketBeautiful, but very fragile too. I bought them from a splendid plummy lady - very well spoken and a little bit miffed by the general clientele of the car boot sale - who had the most gentle, dainty whippet. I imagined them going home to a big nest made of splendid dusty textiles.


  1. Awwwwww tiny wardrobe! & the embroidery is amazing. I love the idea of plummy lady & dog in her nest of dusty marvels.

  2. I like the embroidered dress and the plant holder. The tiny wardrobe is adorable!

  3. I'm so glad you folks like the little wardrobe, as long as we're all suckers together!