I've gone

Dear internet friends,
if you are reading this: I'm gone. I'm on my bike with my magical, most beautiful bungee ever holding my bed to the back. I'm on my way to Denmark with that Jack.PhotobucketThe most beautiful, rainbow bungee.

I'm wearing horrendous, but very necessary, padded shorts. (these shorts are slightly less horrendous than my last pair which were marketed as 'ladies' just because they had an awful pattern that looked a bit like a vagina on the gusset)
PhotobucketShorts, with extra bum.

I will be drawing in my book and taking lots of pictures. I will make posts if I can. I will miss you guys when I can't.


  1. Hahaha I love extra bum shorts x

  2. Hahaha I love extra bum shorts x

  3. lets see how many people comment on your bum with those on!!! x
    have fun

  4. Oh my... I haven't had a good belly laugh like that in ages!!! Have a fabulous time in your padded bum shorts :) Kx

  5. You are awesome. Godspeed with your rainbow bungee cord and paddedbumshorts!

  6. I'm back!
    Fewf! I will make a post tomorrow I think, after copious amounts of car booting.