Běla Kolářová

I really loved the recent exhibition of Běla Kolářová's work at Raven Row (in fact I love Raven Row in general)
This morning I was looking through the catalogue, it made me so happy I thought I would share some images with you. I hope you like them and if you ever get the chance to see the works for real you should definitely do it. They're all so wonderful and considered and sparse; using simple everyday objects and often beautifully and carefully framed by the artist herself.
 photo BelaKolarova10_zps79234ff9.jpeg

 photo BelaKolarova2_zps5159b7f9.jpeg

 photo BelaKolarova5_zps3b298948.jpeg  photo BelaKolarova9_zps07c1cbe6.jpeg  photo BelaKolarova81_zps604bb071.jpeg  photo BelaKolarova8_zpse0fc1298.jpeg  photo BelaKolarova7_zps0e314cf4.jpeg  photo BelaKolarova6_zpsba5b9db9.jpeg


  1. oh wow, these are wonderful. I love the title 'biography of a snap fastener'.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pleasure Lady Botterman! Hope you're well. X