Victorian plant pots come to Stoke Newington.

Hello all,
The shop is coming along wonderfully - the latest news is that we're kickin' out with a little outdoor space. The emphasis is on 'little' at the moment: it's essentially the space of two porta-loos but the little concrete garden is nice! There's room for some of my favourite Victorian plant pots, a couple of chairs and some tubs of nice things. It makes me happy to nurture a little living plant and having outdoor space has meant there's a whole new variety of shrubs to buy from car boot sales. Huzzah.
Committee of Taste photo P5221854_zps73c833f1.jpg
forget-me-nots photo P5221850_zps6f2dbe80.jpg
What's the name of these plants again? I've forgotten.
euphorbia photo P5221852_zps2e10f550.jpg
Euphorbia, my favourite.
And there's even some greenery happening inside the shop - some succulents for a start but the range is growing each week! Aargh! It's a little bit dead exciting - I've found some splendid people in London to buy from as well as heading to my usual countryside dealers. My new friend to buy from is so clued up and kind: he knows all the Latin names for the plants (and uses them all casual-like) but also doesn't mind when I ask questions like: 'where do you keep your danglers?' (They're called trailing plants apparently, so you know).
 photo P5221859_zpsd4035dc7.jpg
Plimsolls and succulents.
I know you're probably wondering which of those plants is my favourite . . .
 photo P5221871_zpscbfbf66d.jpg
Well - it's this one
If you'd like to visit the shop it's number 3A Evering Road in Stoke Newington (N16 7QA)
 - and if you come on a Saturday there's a nice farmers market just opposite.
That's all.


  1. I like euphorbias but they don't like me. I found one growing on the roof at work and moved it to the window box so we could see it every day and then my lips went all swollen and itchy. Alas I think I'm one of the unlucky ones that reacts to their sap.

  2. Oh dear, that's rubbish. Swollen lips though: I hear that's sexy these days.

  3. I think the little blue flowered plant you had "forgotten" is forget-me-not or am I just falling into your little tongue-in-cheek title and you knew already.

  4. These are lovely.
    That last one is my favourite too.

  5. Greenery in the shop, how lovely! I may have to pop by one of these days to visit you xx

  6. I love your new little outdoor space. I'm hoping to visit one day and peruse your wares, an outing to Stokie. Aren't car boot plants the best! I keep buying succulents from forgetful old types, who can't remember what they've done with the carrier bag they had a minute before, that's actually in their hand - you know the type ;) Euphorbias are my favourite too, I'm slowly filling the garden.

  7. If thats your shop outside space it's better than my garden!! I love old pots and galvanised containers they make the simplest gardening look great. Good luck with your shop x

  8. Oh Brian - yes that was the worst joke ever. woops.
    Thank you for all your nice words.

  9. Your succulents are just lovely. Love your tiny little outdoor space too, with that beautiful tin bath full of forget-me-nots :)