Much toot much.

Here are a few finds for you then: you lucky sausages. I have missed a lot of Spitalfields this month, which is sad but I'm back next week with a lot of new stock.
paste brush photo P5292120_zpsfb3b99b1.jpg
The most handsome paste brush
A useful friend photo P5292113_zps6942ba31.jpg
and a little useful friend
Naive teapot photo P5292110_zpsa6464d67.jpg
A teapot with a little nubbin of a nose.
Neon wool photo P5292097_zpsd33613a9.jpg
A cardi with crazy neon shoulders - unfortunately it is for a child, which seems a waste.
knitted doll clothes photo P5292091_zpsb0ea6011.jpg
workwear for dolls. I like the way it is sewn all jaunty onto old envelopes.
Opening times photo P5292083_zps189eacaf.jpg
An opening times sign to sell in the shop.
Bakelite photo P5292081_zps9a46d75d.jpg
A pair of bakelite boobs.
Army sack photo P5292077_zpsd3fc85ed.jpg
A nice sack: retrieved from the bottom of a box and all squashed nice and flat. Made me thought of the bog people.
 photo P5292072_zpsb1c2f908.jpg
I also bought this rubber inflatable innard. I think I bought it because of the colours and the shape . . . but also because I am a nob. 
Festival of Britain lamp photo P5292067_zps0c88474c.jpg
A nice litte handmade wall light.
string of beads plant photo P5292065_zpsbc927008.jpg
And a tiny hangable shelf that will go in the shop to display danglers.
Big dangly plant photo P5241889_zps7140db28.jpg
Talking of danglers: here is the largest dangler I ever found (I am struggling to hold it up high for the photo). What a beauty eh? It's going in the shop soon - it's going to take a bit of tactical hanging.


  1. Always good to see the word Nubbin in use. Especially when applied to a teapot's nose.

  2. It is a good word indeed! My first thought was that it looks like a little willy nubbin (as seen on the Mannequin Pis) but i couldn't think of a way of saying that wasn't disgusting.

  3. I love that cardi! So very cute, I wonder if my nan can work her magic and knit me one like it. And who doesn't need a useful friend...

  4. Oh gee that would be good. Maybe she could knit me one too.