Thank you Robin Welch.

I have a new pot in my kitchen and it's a beauty! It's made by Robin Welch; a most wonderful ceramicist. (You can read a little more about him here). It's in a slightly bad way - all chipped and with baked on food but I take this as a blessing: it means I won't be tempted to sell it or just leave it on a shelf. I will cook with it, and enjoy it. I love the shape and the feel of it: it's chunky but even, it just feels wholesome to the hands.
I'm so pleased with it - my ceramic love is reignited, I've even started a Pinterest if you're interested. photo P5071756_zps321ee733.jpgThe other thing I like about it is just how easy it was to find out who made it . . .  photo P5071759_zps138af70a.jpgIf there are any studio potters reading this (which there probably are because only the best, most high-brow folk read this blog) please take note! Don't make yourself a tiny cryptic signature stamp and then change it every few years just to be extra confusing. Just sign it big on the bottom - simple.
Thank you Robin Welch


  1. That is sooo beautiful! Robin Welch is such a talented ceramicist, I would be ridiculously giddy if I found that beauty for sale (think his work may be a teeny bit out of my price range though!) x

  2. very beautiful!
    lovely colors and shape!

  3. I wish I could afford one from new too! But heck, a chipped one is also pretty good.

  4. Ooh its gorgeous! Off to check out your pins next. I receieved my lovely cards this morning, thank you so much they're great. x