Ok - this is the second holiday post in a row, pretty sickening I know but I'm going to post it anyway.. 
We went to Istria in Croatia and it was awesome, a real holiday - none of that cycling stuff, just pure lazing and eating.
 photo photo-8_zps4ea7e4b1.jpg
We stayed in Pula
 photo P8013092_zpseba7d7be.jpg
And rode a scooter around the coast.
 photo P8013090_zpse22717a8.jpg
This Aloe was taller than me.
 photo P7313011_zps4762b615.jpg
We snorkled a lot - looking at sea creatures.
 photo P8013052_zps2be33827.jpg
Then eating sea creatures
 photo P8013136_zps93ea3a53.jpg
It wasn't fig season unfortunately
 photo P8023206_zps6425352f.jpg
The sea at Rovinj, where we ate mussels and swam from the rocks
There was a lot of beautiful scenery to look at and we did escape and explore a bit but mostly it was just a real real holiday! We stayed in a naff (but air conditioned) apartment overlooking an ancient square where people relentlessly sold plastic tat to kids and sometimes there was a stage with entertainment - and the entertainers always wore lycra. And you could buy fake designer stuff everywhere and look at tanned people sauntering around in weird neon shorts. And we went on a boat trip with free alcohol where they played Celine Dion (Titanic song included) and conducted a loudspeaker tour in four languages. And I loved it. And I'd like to say I loved it in a middle-class ironic sort of way . . . but actually I just loved it.


  1. what a treat to read your holiday posts… 'my heart will go on' your holidays

  2. Ooh Croatia! Well jell, especially of the swimming from rocks and eating sea creatures bit xx

  3. really nice!
    and i enjoyed your holidays words :)