Air plants

There are more and more plants in the shop these days. And yesterday I managed to get hold of some air plants. Clever little brutes they are - growing without roots - and so handsome too.
 photo P8083310_zps5a071171.jpg
Air plants survive with just a spritz of water - which is dead satisfying, after I spritzed them I ended up spritzing most things in the shop. Spritz.
 photo P8083348_zpsc174450c.jpg
A member of my terrarium collection going to good use.
 photo P8083352_zps93835c85.jpg
And also some jars to house the new babies.
 photo P8083353_zps6b0f26d4.jpg
It's like Pinterest round here.
 photo P8083350_zps7e1d10ee.jpg
Some home-grown geraniums - all leggy and wonky.
 photo P8083360_zps1ad0596d.jpg
A corner of the shop is set up like a crazy botanists workroom now.
Come visit the shop, and take a peek at our humble new website.


  1. I really really need to visit your shop. I need air plants in my life.

    Even though I am sure my cat with run off with them.

  2. would love to come by and say hello to you and your green friends!

  3. ooh, what a beautiful garden nook!
    I love air plants but I've never had one - whenever I search for them online they often seem to be glued to rocks and/or have googly eyes stuck on them.
    Handsome specimen jars are much better.

  4. Plants in drawers. Genius. I'm totally nicking that idea.

  5. Oh I wish you guys would pop round - not even in a buying things way. Maybe I'll make a cuttings party or summat - still might be a little far for you though Rike.

  6. Definitely better than air guitars!